Lightweight, cable and work tents


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Several different sizes and models available!

pelsue6506a_anim Instant setup, lightweight, minimal transport volume.

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A ­series


Opening with two zippers
Two roll up windows, bracing-wire through three of the wall knots, ground flaps, exterior loops on the ceiling for attaching bracing-wire. Delivered with carrying enclosure and tent sticks.

Model Size Weight Size folded
6504A 122 x 122 cm 8,2 kg 15 x 117 cm
6506A 178 x 178 cm 9,1 kg 15 x 142 cm
6508A 239 x 239 cm 14,1 kg 18 x 168 cm
6510A 299 x 299 cm 15,4 kg 20 x 193 cm
6514A 422 x 422 cm 73,5 kg 25 x 315 cm

Opening for hose and cable is available as an option.

D ­series

Mountable openings
Two roll up windows, ground flaps, possibility to fully roll up front wall, flaps for mounting two tents to each other and ventilation opening for hose. Exterior and interior loops for attaching bracing-wires. Delivered with carrying enclosure and tent sticks. The “DRAD” tent has a roll up backdoor for entering and exiting. Available in two sizes. (6508DRAD and 6510DRAD)

The “HIGH­FIVE” tent has an internal height of 244 cm, a semisphere shaped zipper opening on the back and a straight velcro opening with a slot for ventilation/heater on the front. (65068A)
Work tents made for cable work are equiped with an extra opening for cables on the back wall. With opening for ventilation. (6506DCS and 6508DCS)

Model Size Weight Size folded
6506D 178 x 178 cm 9,5 kg 15 x 142 cm
6508D 239 x 239 cm 14,5 kg 18 x 168 cm
6510D 299 x 299 cm 16,3 kg 20 x 205 cm
6512D 360 x 360 cm 42,6 kg 25 x 254 cm
6508DRAD 243 x 243 x 183 cm 14,5 kg 18 x 18 x 168 cm
6510DRAD 305 x 305 x 198 cm 16,3 kg 20 x 20 x 205 cm
65068A 178 x 178 x 244 cm 12,2 kg 18 x 18 x 169 cm
6506DCS 183 x 183 x 183 cm 9,5 kg 15 x 15 x 117 cm
6508DCS 243 x 243 x 243 cm 14,5 kg 18 x 18 x 168 cm

Protection tent INSTALLATION 6705

Model 6705

  • Flexible width, from 120 to 180cm
  • Height 210 cm, opening full height.
  • The tent can be opened from two directions.
  • Plenty of room for tools and equipment.

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A series


D series


Fiber-optic splicing tent




Tent with cable slot


Emergency tent




High-5 rear opening

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